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At Western Drilling Tools, we offer an extensive variety of premium custom drilling supplies, tools, and accessories that continually exceed clients’ expectations. Our products are offered for many drilling industries and styles of drilling rigs such as Rotary Drilling, Percussion Drilling, and High-Frequency Vibrational Drilling. Some common drilling applications that Western Drilling provides for includes Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Environmental, and Exploration. It is our priority to deliver superior quality products while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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We can custom tailor our drilling equipment such as drill rods and bits to meet the needs of customers; we have the distribution rights for premium quality oil field Tricones and PDC Bits in a variety of grades and styles to fit any drilling application and budget, including deep-hole oil field drilling. Our Burintekh Bits will outperform nearly any Tricone and PDC bit in the market.


Western Drilling Tools provides a wide range of Drill, Reverse Circulation, and Core Pipe in various steel grades and sizes. Each manufactured part is put through a stringent quality control process and manufactured to exceptional accuracy and repeatability.


We have a high-end selection of percussive tools for drilling used for setting casing, piles, and micro piles. The casing advancement systems include the WDT "Drop off System," as well as the "Stratex Overburden" system. These systems are accompanied by our casing advancement drilling equipment such as downhole hammers and hammer bits.

Coring Equipment

We provide comprehensive coring tools and coring equipment including Diamond Coring Equipment, Core Pipe, Drill Rods, PDC core bits, the "Quad Latch" and Wire Line Coring Systems. Other tools for drilling manufactured or supplied include Lifting Subs, Crossover Subs, Tricone Bits, new and re-run PDC Bits, Drag Bits, Drive Shoes, Drill Pipe, Drill Stem, Casing, Air Swivel, Grout Caps, Discharge Heads, Hammers, Hammer Bits, Back Hammers, Reaming Tools, Hole Openers, Coring Tools, Roller Cone Bits, Lifting Swivels, Discharge Swivels, Drill Rods, RC Drilling Applications, Stratex, Adapter Subs, Adapter Rods, Rotary Swivels, Guide Devices, Barber Shoes, Odex,  DTH Bits, DTH Hammers, Claw Bits, Drag Bits, Pilot Bits, Sonic Drilling Parts, Coil Tubing, Couplers, TCI Drill Bits, Mill Tooth, Lifting Subs, Rock Bits, Matrix Body PDC Bits, Steel Body PDC Bits, PDC Core Bits, Threading,  Wrenches, Coring Equipment, Core Bits, Core Pipe, Quad Latch, Reverse Circulation Pipe, Shock Subs, Threaded Casing, Drill Rods, Fishing Tools, Stabilizers, Connector Subs, Sealed Bearing Tricone.

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Calgary AB drilling equipment, Drilling Tool Machining, Air Swivels, Casing, Casing Pullers, Coring Tools, Core Pipe, Crossover Subs, Deck Bushings, Discharge Heads, Down Hole Hammers, Drill Bits, Drill Collars, Drill Pipe, Drill Rods, Drive Shoes, Fishing Tools, Hammer Bits, Hole Openers, Kelly Cocks, Lifting Bails, Reverse Circulation, Sonic Drilling, Augers and other Drilling Supplies.

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