Deck Bushing

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Deck Bushing - Bearing Style

Western Drilling's Rotary Deck Bushings are manufactured in our machine shop to extremely high precision. This ensures that you get extremely smooth rotation. The ball bearing style deck bushings come either with sealed ,which do not need to be lubricated, or open bearings with a convenient grease nipple to apply lubricating grease as needed.

These deck bushings are mainly used in mining applications when drilling blast holes. The WDT bearing style deck bushings come with 3 bearing races. The center bore makes contact with your drill stem while the outside is held stationary by the drilling table or deck. Western Drilling's deck bushings have been reported to substantially increase the life of the drill string and reduce maintenance down time.

Deck Bushing - Wear Sleeve Style

Western Drilling Tools also manufactures a wear sleeve style deck bushing which is very similar to the friction bushings supplied by many drilling manufacturers. A focus on precision machining and high quality materials are used to deliver Western Drilling's high standard of exceptional drilling equipment.

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