Discharge Heads

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Discharge heads, also called discharge swivels and flushing heads, are mounted to the top of the drill rig and allow a path for cuttings to be evacuated. Western Drilling Tools offers two styles of discharge heads: rotating bearing and sealed rubber rotating.

Discharge heads are generally built to divert cuttings and hole contents at the surface, they can be used in series with air swivels or independently for percussion drilling and rotary drilling. The rotary style discharge head allows for circulation and rotation at the same time.

The bearing-style discharge head allows the casing or drill pipe to rotate smoothly while allowing the discharge nozzel to remain stationary. The Western Drilling Tools discharge head can be custom manufactured to accomodate many sizes of pipe. These discharge heads can be built to a maximum OD of 30” in (762mm). Both styles of discharge heads seal with a thick rubber system and the rubber rotating discharge head allows the drill pipe to spin the rubbers with friction. The discharge head is bolted to to the drill string and can be adapted to fit any drill pipe.

Rotating Discharg Head

Rotating Discharg Head

A rotating discharge head has a similar function to a non rotating discharge head except, that it uses a rotating ball bearing component which attaches to the drill for smoother rotation and better pr...

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