Drag Bits

Other than PDC bits, Drag Bits have the lowest cost per bit. Drag bits are a rotary drill bit built with a steel body and tungsten carbide teeth. These bits will out preform other more expensive bits if used appropriately. Drag bits are extremely popular choice for seismic drilling, blast hole drilling and geothermal drilling applications. For best results adjust the rotational speed to 50% less than what you would normally use for a tricone bit of the same size and reduce the weight on bit by the same amount.

Our Drag Bits Range in size from 3-5/8”(92mm) to 12 1/4"(311.2mm) with a 7 5/8" API REG PIN

We Sell 3 Styles of Drag Bits

Chevron Drill Bits

These are also known as fishtail type bits are a very aggressive, fast digging bit excellent for soft – medium soft formations. Reduce the drilling speed to slow and reduce the weight on the bit to less than half of what you would use when drilling with a tricone drill bit.


Gator Back Drill Bits

These are a durable drag bit capable of achieving excellent hole depth at exceptional speed. They are an excellent option if you are drilling seismic holes. You can maximize your rate of penetration and hole depth by reducing the rotational speed and the weight on bit by approximately 50% of what you would use on a tri cone bit. Gator back drill bits work well in very soft – medium formations. No lubrication is required as the 'gator back has no bearings. Since there are no moving parts it is less likely junk will be left in the hole


Step Drill Bits

A Step Bit Drill Bit is an aggressive bit with 3 or more steps. The center step acts like a pilot bit and helps the drill bit to drill straighter holes. These drill bits are made to drill fast and straight in soft to medium soft formations. These drill bits have no moving parts and exceptional hole cleaning.

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