Hammer Bits

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Hammer BitsWestern Drilling Tools' Hammer Bits or DTH Button Bits range in size from 4" hole diameter upwards (101.6mm) to 24” (609.6mm). Western Drilling stocks and supply's DTH Hammers for all major DTH Hammer brands and shanks.

When percussion or hammer drilling your choice of hammer bit is just as important as your choice of down hole hammer. DTH stands for “down the hole”. When hammer drilling, the hammer bit gets its energy from repetitive striking of a pneumatic down hole hammers piston. This hammering with slow rotation drives the hammer bit gradually through ground formations. DTH hammer bits are most commonly used in percussion rotary air blast drilling, mining blast holes, and mineral exploration and water well drilling industries.

The cutting interface of the DTH hammer bits are loaded with high quality tungsten carbide, which is an extremely hard material. Since hammer bits work with air pressure delivered to the down hole hammer, it is important to use the recommended pressure provided when hammer drilling. Down hole hammer bits come with a wide variety of carbide styles. The sharper the point, the softer formation it is used for. The different styles of carbides on the hammer face include dome, cone and ballistic tungsten carbide inserts which are press fit into the DTH bit.

Western Drilling Tools can open up the flushing holes to provide hammer bits that can be used in reverse circulation drilling. Custom Hammer Bits, Flat Faced Hammer Bits, Convex Hammer Bits, Drop Center Hammer Bits, Concave Hammer Bits, and all kinds of exceptional custom drilling tools are offered at Western Drilling Tools. 

Hammer Bits Come in Four Main Styles:

Flat Face Hammer Bit

1. Flat Faced Hammer Bit

These hammer bits are excellent for drilling in medium to hard formations. These hammer bits maintain average hole straightness but have an excellent penetration rate.

Convex Hammer Bit

2. Convex Hammer Bit

Medium to hard ground formations are no problem for this DTH Hammer Bit. The DTH bit keeps average hole straightness but drills at an excellent speed.

Drop Center Hammer Bit

3. Drop Center Hammer Bit

These DTH Hammer Bits are great for drilling through medium to hard formations. Drop Center Hammer Bits have excellent hole straightness with an average drilling rate of penetration. 

Concave Hammer Bit

4. Concave Hammer Bit

Concave Hammer bits are ideal for drilling through medium to hard formations. These DTH hammer bits are known to keep an extremely straight hole with an average rate of penetration.

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DTH Hammer Drill Details

Hammer bits come with a wide variety of shanks. Click to view Western Drilling Tools' full list of hammer bit drilling supplies.

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