Hole Openers

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Western Drilling Tools supplies a wide assortment of hole openers for many drilling applications. The main body is constructed from 4130-4145 high alloy steel for incredible strength and toughness. The WDT hole openers can drill through soft to hard formations and can come equipped with Mill Tooth Roller Cone Bits or TCI (tungsten carbide insert) Roller Cone Bits. These hole openers can also come with jet nozzles to improve cleaning and provide flow directly to the cutters.

WDT hole openers are designed to enlarge pilot holes and increase hole diameters for other applications including road and river crossing applications. These drilling tools can be hard-faced and specified for the appropriate drilling conditions. Hole openers can come with either new or re-run tricone cutters.

Arms and cutters are hard-faced for protection in three different designs for varying conditions and rock formations.

Western Drilling can build hole openers with rotating Roller Cones or solid, self-stabilizing Drag Cutters. In addition to hole openers with Roller Cone Cutters, Western Drilling Tools has a wide line of reaming tools which can be manufactured to your specification, as well as Drilling Tool Hole Openers, Custom Hole Openers and all sorts of custom drilling tools.

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