Hollow Bit Method for Slot Recovery

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Hollow BitNew Method to Remove Old Conductor Casing

Current methods of removing conductor casing involve either milling all the old casing except old 30” Conductor. Once the inner casing sections are milled the old often rusty and environmentally unstable conductor casing is used to drill a new well.
Alternatively, all the casing above the sea bed including the old conductor is cut and removed. Then using deflecting tool such as a whip stock a new well is drilled. This creates problems such as stacking and other close proximity problems that could result in costly and unwanted collisions.
There is a new method, the hollow bit technology allows you to Cut all casing below the conductor shoe and drill all cement around the old conductor and pull the old casing in sections and replace the old.
Hollow Bits in Industry

How Does The Hollow Bit Technique Help?

Old conductors in the sea bed are rusty, old and corroding. The removal and milling of this casing causes unwanted pollution on the sea floor. Current methods are costly and create potential collision problems due to the close spacing of the conductor casing being set at sea bed surface.
Hollow Bit
The Hollow bit method will reduce the time required to remove old conductor casing by a minimum of 10 days and by as much as 20 days. This will save significant amounts of money and time as well as reduce the potential for unwanted collisions. The process is easy and can be implemented quickly.

The benefits of this technology are as follows:

  1. This technology is faster and less costly than any other method worldwide.
  2. This technology has full scalability and will work with any size casing, production, intermediate or conductor.
  3. Since the existing casing acts as a guide for the tooling, there was no need for a dive team. This means that this method is less dependent on weather and more versatile then other methods.  
  4. The Spetco WDT Hollow Bit method works for both centralized and non-centralized holes and allows slot recovery for every case including the center slot of a 9 slot well which would be impossible by other methods and technologies.
  5. Hollow BitFor slots with centralized intermediate casing sections, The casing can be removed without disturbing the conductor casing. By leaving the existing conductor casing in place, This allows you to use the existing casing infrastructure and supporting cement. This saves tremendous time not having to recover and replace it.
  6. Simplified tooling. There are less moving parts, simple tools and no need for Gyro’s
  7. Significant improvement in terms of personnel safety
  8. Environmental benefits include no new foot print on the sea floor and the existing casing infrastructure is re used or re-purposed. Unlike other methods there is no need for an increased number of underground conductor casings.


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