Drilling Supplies

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Shock Sub

A Shock Sub is a drilling tool used to supress destructive vibrations in more expensive pieces of drilling equipment. Western Drilling Tools supplies several styles and sizes of shock subs and cushion subs.

A Shock Sub works by using a free moving mass that moves in the opposite direction of the shock load. The shock sub free moving mass is then dampened by a series of rubber cushions. A Shock Sub is commonly used in series with a Down Hole Hammer during precision drilling. WDT shock subs come in sizes ranging from 4” to 12” with any NC or API thread.


These are used to stabilize smaller OD drilling equipment within larger diameter drill pipe or casing, or within the annuals to reduce chatter and unnecessary vibration. Western Drilling manufactures three different types; spiral, flush and bell.

Thread Connections and Sizes

Available in any variety of pin or box threads and connections up to a maximum 24” OD

Under Reamers

Under Reamers are used to enlarge the bore hole. Western Drilling Tools manufactures a wide variety of under reamer systems. These tools go through the bore hole they are then enlarged by a drilling mechanism. The most common under reamer is a three arm mechanism.

Drilling Fluids

We can supply many different drilling fluids depending on your drilling application and preference. Request a quote for drilling fluid from Western Drilling and let us supply you with leading drilling fluids from many top names in the industry.

Drill Bit Jet Nozzles

Western Drilling manufactures a wide variety of drilling accessories including jet nozzles for Tricone and PDC Drill Bits.


Western Drilling Tools supplies a multitude of wrenches and wrench styles.

Back Hammers

Back Hammers are similar to Down Hole Hammers except they are used to extract casing systems and drill string. Western Drilling Tools manufactures a large range of Back Hammers for your drilling convenience. They are manufactured from 4” OD to 14” OD with any API threaded connection.

Float Valves

We carry all major sizes and styles of Float Valves. 

Anchor Bars

Threaded bar used in construction and mining drilling as reinforcement for grouting operations.

Western Drilling Tools offers a wide range of products including: custom drilling supplies, custom shock subs, drilling supply equipment, and drilling supply tools.

For more information and product availability, Contact Western Drilling Tools at 1.888.410.0826.

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