Tricone Bits

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The TriCone Bit is the most versatile drill bit on the market. It is the go to drill bit in most styles of drilling. Whether you are drilling a water well or an oil well, Western Drilling Tools has the Tri Cone Drill Bit for you.

The Advantages of Using a Tri Cone Over Other Drill Bits

  • There is a Tri Cone suitable for any rock formation
  • Tricone bit is versatile and can handle changing formations
  • Tri Cones are reasonably priced, long lasting and have an efficient drilling rate

Depending on your application, Western Drilling can provide you with new, re-run or premium oil field quality Tricone bits. The difference between a premium oil field Tricone bit and non-premium oil well quality Tricone is that the roller cones have high end sealed bearings; extremely high quality tungsten carbide and diamond gauge protection throughout the drill bit as well as skirt tail hard facing and optimized hydraulics. These roller cone drill bits are designed to go to extreme depths in extreme conditions and in situations where they cannot fail.

When ordering a bit the IADC bit classification system is a very useful tool and allows Western Drilling to specify a bit that out performs your expectations.

The TCI Tricone Bit ranges in size from 3.875” (88.9mm) to 28” (711.2mm)
The Mill Tooth TriCone Bit ranges in size from 5” (127mm to 32” (812.8mm)

IADC tricone rollercone classification system

  • 4 character code, first 3 characters are numbers, the last is a letter
  • 1st number is the series. 1 to 3 represent a milled tooth tri cones, 4 – 8 represent TCI tri cones. The higher the series number the harder more abrasive the rock formation is.
  • 2nd number is the relative degree of hardness within a series. The number ranges from 1 – 4, the higher the number the harder the formation
  • 3rd number represents bearing design and gauge protection
    1. Open bearing
    2. Roller bearing air cooled
    3. Open bearing gauge protected
    4. Sealed roller bearing
    5. Sealed roller bearing gauge protected
    6. Sealed friction bearing
    7. Sealed friction bearing gauge protected
  • 4th character is a letter and describes optional features. There are 16 alphabetic character’s, each representing the Tricones most significant feature.
Mill Tooth Tricone Bits

Mill Tooth Tricone Bits

Mill tooth tricone drill bits have very high drilling rates in soft formations. Western Drilling Tools can hard face the milled teeth so that they sharpen themselves while drilling. Milled tooth trico...

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TCI Tricone Bits

TCI Tricone Bits

TCI stands for Tungsten Carbide Insert. These tri cones are designed for soft to very hard formations depending on the style and quantity of the carbides on the drill bit.

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