Machine Shop

Our roots come from the machining industry. Our machine shop is capable of machining a wide variety of parts and products. We have several CNC Lathes and CNC mills as well as multiple manual machines. Our state of the art CNC machines as well as our trained professionals give our machine shop one of the best reputations in the industry.

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  • ISO 9001:2008

    Western Drilling Tools is proudly ISO 9001:2008 certified as of March 21st 2013.             


  • The Right Products For Your Industry

    Reliable and dependable drilling supplies for Construction, Water Well, Mining, and Oil & Gas Industries.

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Our 40,000sq foot machine shop enables our Red Seal Machinists and Engineers to manufacture large-scale products for a variety of industries.

  • Let Us Prove How Much We Care

    Through collaboration with our customers, we indentify needs and expectations, ensuring a quick turnaround and a successful project.

Designing, Machining and Supplying Drilling Products and Equipment for Drilling

Our experienced diverse team are experts when it comes to machining, manufacturing, and drilling. We consult, draw, design and manufacture a wide variety of customer specific parts, drilling products, custom solutions as well as drilling equipment. We have built strong relationships with many drillers in Canada, USA, UAE, Kuwait and Australia. We strive to design and build premier drilling tools and equipment for drillers based on their experience and based on their recommendations. We have a state of the art machine shop where we manufacture Most of the drilling products we supply.

Check out our Drilling products section to select the suitable drilling tools and drilling supplies for your industry.

In addition to providing custom machining solutions, and prototyping our machine shop also regularly performs batch and production machining. Often our customers approach us with an idea which we then turn into reality. Some of the drilling products, tools and drilling equipment we manufacture, stock, and distribute include: Air SwivelsAugersCasingCasing SystemsCoring Tools, Core Drilling Products, Inner Tube, Core Barrels, Core Pipe, PDC Bits, Crossover SubDrill CollarDrill RodTricone Bits, Rock bits, Claw BitsDrive ShoesDown Hole HammersFishing ToolsKelly CockLifting Subs, Lifting nubbins, micro piles, buckets, bolt together casing,  Reverse Circulation Tools and RC Pipe. We continuously ship our products internationally and have a diverse customer base across North America, the Middle East, and Australia.

We offer a complete and comprehensive product line for Construction industry drilling equipment, foundation drilling supplies, micro pile equipment, as well as analysis, simulation pressure testing and pull testing. Our precision machine shop and fabrication factory offer premier CNC turning and milling products, drilling tools, equipment for drilling, and many other tools and accessories, both in Canada and Internationally. Check out or various services we offer.

Watch your Drilling, production and foundation projects run trouble-free with drilling products and drilling equipment from Western Drilling Tools!

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